# Required imports...
using Highlights, Highlights.Tokens, Highlights.Themes

# ... the theme type...
abstract CustomTheme <: AbstractTheme

# ... and finally the theme definition.
@theme CustomTheme Dict(
    :style => S"bg: f7f3ee; fg: 605b53",
    :tokens => Dict(
        TEXT    => S"",
        KEYWORD => S"fg: 614c60; bold",
        STRING  => S"fg: a1789f",
        COMMENT => S"fg: ad9c84; italic",

# Let's also print it to a file to we can have a look.
open("custom-theme.html", "w") do stream
    stylesheet(stream, MIME("text/html"), CustomTheme)
    highlight(stream, MIME("text/html"), source, Lexers.JuliaLexer, CustomTheme)